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  • Attentions for ALT Testing System
  • 1. Choose"Whole blood" or "Serum/Plasma"mode correctly.

    2. Strips have to be conserved in room temperature, away from light. Cold storage is forbidden.

    3. Check code No. and shelf life of reagent strips cautiously before use.

    4. Control input volume seriously, and start test in analyzer right after samples are added.

    5. Drop samples on the center of adding block vertically, don't make samples overflow.

    6. Heparin anticoagulant is optional, EDTA anticoagulant is forbidden.

    7. Excessive squeezed tissue fluid and hemolysis will affect testing results.

    8. Mix blood for enough time before test when blood is not fresh.

  • Attentions for HB Hemoglobin Testing System
  • 1.  Install batteries and set up time and date, which is very important because wrong time and date set will judge reagent strip overdue.
    2.  ACON's HB strips are specially used for ACON's HB meter, which cannot be separately used and visual tested.
    3. Clean strip area with alcohol regularly to keep meter from optical channel contamination and recognition failure. 
  • Attentions for Urinalysis Testing System
  • 1.  Read user's manual and quick operation guide carefully before use.
    2.  Pay attention to stage when newly install U120 analyzer.
    3.  Keep analyzer away from sunshine to make sure testing accuracy.
    4.  Use constant power.
    5.  Avoid putting analyzer in inclined or vibratile places.
    6.  Clean and maintain analyzer regularly to ensure accurate testing results.
    7.  Fasten cap of reagent strip canister after using to keep strips away from damp.


  • FAQs of ALT Testing System
  • 1.  How to use?
    ACON's mini dry chemical analyzers are used specifically with corresponding reagent strips. Please operate according to user's manual of analyzer and insert of reagent strip strictly.

    2.  Factors affect results?
    Alanine aminotransferase need to detect sample enzyme activity 

    3.  Daily maintenance of instrument?

    After power on, start the detection after preheating is stable; 

    Turn off the instrument if you don't use it for long time to protect heating system;

    Clean the strip location according to using frequency;

    Wipe with alcohol, reboot and use it after clean and drying out.

  • FAQs of HB Hemoglobin Testing System
  • 1.  Stained mirror below the testing hole exist when power on?
         Clean the mirror with soft cloth and reboot.
    2.  Foreign items was found in the above of testing hole?
         Move the foreign items and reboot.
    3.  Don't move testing strips during self-tesing. 

    4.  Add samples after see prompt information about blood drop.

    5.  Battery prompt in monitor interface?

         Low power, please change your battery.

    6. Sample is inadequate?

         Recommended sample volume is 10 μl.

    7. Test strip is overdue?

        Use test before expire to prevent effluence on testing result. Please set instrument date correctly to avoid detection of expire CODE wrong.

    8. There's no code chip?

        Don't pull code chip out during self-testing, and insert effective and suitable code chip.

    10. Result is high or low excessively?

        Mix the sample uniformly, choose appropriate samples to get accurate results.

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